Saturday, March 10, 2012

Glencoe's Glenn Gruenhagen

I never get tired of that alliteration civil liberties
The same freshman rep., Glenn Gruenhagen who was so consumed by the "uncontrolled male sex drive" last session (I can't find a link; perhaps some reader can supply one) has revealed another obsession: the death penalty. Gruenhagen wants to bring it back.

Poster of Lege bio photo
Perhaps he thinks it's a jobs bill! Everything, after all, that the Republicans propose is a jobs bill. I mean, you see right here that four five (!) jobs are created executing just one man. Four jobs for white people, by the looks of it. But they're public jobs, so Keith Downey might not like it, just on that basis.

Or maybe Glenn just likes the name Ol' Sparky.

At all events, he probably needs a session with Sigmund Spot. Sigmund would undoubtedly be curious to know about Glenn's mother.

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