Monday, November 08, 2010

Education deformers promise "exciting year" in Minnesota

The Minneapolis Foundation's MinnCan program apparently spent some time last week shaping up their coming legislative attack on public schools and public school teachers.  According to Marc Porter Magee's Twitter feed, on November 5 he was
Flying home after two days working with the team building MinnCAN. 2011 is going to be an exciting year for ed reform in Minnesota.
Those are chilling words, knowing that MinnCan will undoubtedly agitate for more failed Charter Schools, teacher "accountability", and loosened teacher standards to use more of the conservative philanthropy underwritten Teach for America teachers.  I'm waiting to see how many allegedly liberal Democrats will jump on this boat. Where the money for new Charter Schools would come from is anybody's guess since Governor Bridgefail has already retracted $2 billion from the state's public schools over the past two years.

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libhomo said...

You have every right to be skeptical of anyone who engages in "team building" before "reform."