Saturday, May 05, 2012

Nice little stadium plan you've got here, Governor

Be a shame if something happened to it

Strib photo
But something might, if you don't give us our business tax breaks, understand?

Julianne Ortman
John Kriesel, et al.

This is the same crew that calls Michael Brodkorb a shake-down artist.

The governor burned his last bridge, says Tax Chair and Deputy Majority Leader Ortman. And Rep. Kriesel (one of the stadium bill's sponsors) has been tweeting his own dire warnings since Dayton vetoed the package of tax breaks to business.

Play ball with us on the on the taxes, or the stadium get it.

The governor's view of the matter is that he doesn't want to start the next biennium an extra billion and half bucks in the hole. Next January, Ortman will be in the minority, at best, and Kriesel won't even be around; they are kind of short-term thinkers.

With his quick veto, however, Dayton signaled that he's serious about his position.

But hey, if the Republican caucus wants to trade the guy pictured above for David Olson, well, lotsa luck, my friends, lotsa luck.

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