Monday, May 30, 2005

The inaugural dunking . . .

The Cucking Stool's first dunking is awarded to the husband and wife team from Bloomington who wrote a letter that appeared in the Memorial Day Star Tribune. With a man and a woman, we have communis rixa and a communis rixatrix - a twofer - the first time out!

Traitors and heroes

Does Newsweek magazine understand the damage it has done to our sons and daughters serving in Afghanistan and Iraq? Does it even give a thought to the harm it has inflicted on our troops and on our country? In our view, Newsweek and other news media outlets lack honesty and integrity in their reporting to the point of treason.

We do find great strength and confidence in the young people serving in the military. They are the heroes of our time.


Spotty has a box of kibble that says these folks are at least two out of three of these things: 1) fundamentalist Christians, 2) Republicans, and 3) listeners to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Fox News.

First of all, Newsweek didn't retract the story because it no longer believed it to be true, but rather because one of their confidential sources in the military backed away from what he had told Newsweek. Spot is in such a lather (dogs can't lather, but never mind, you know what he means) to get his first dunking out, that he doesn't have a source for this, but they are all over the internet. Just put Koran, Newsweek, abuse in Google, wade through all the wing nut hot air (hot air is a compressible gas, but you still have to wade through this) and find a story from an actual news source. This was simply sound journalism, not a confession that the story was untrue.

Second, and more important, is that the military interrogators and guards did mess with the Koran, obviously to diss the detainees, and the military admits it. Here is just one little story among many, this one is from the New York Times. Spot is unsure how long this link will be active, but again Google can help you out if you want to find other stories. Try General Jay Hood, Guantanamo Bay, Koran, abuse just to get you started.

The people who are really responsible for the "damage to our sons and daughters" don't work at Newsweek; they are the military interrogators and military and civilian administrators who created the conditions at Guantanamo Bay and the other internment camps. They are the ones who helped the United States yield the moral high ground.

And despite the Administration's best efforts, some of the detainees are going free. They are telling their stories of abuse, including abuse of a book holy to the Muslims, to the foreign press, and the world is listening.

Spotty can well understand why our friends from Bloomington don't want to hear anything that is contrary to their poisoned and xenophobic world view. Drink deep the right winger Kool Aid my friends, and sleep . . . sleep . . . sleep.


Anonymous said...

Spot mean compressible gas, not liquid, compressible gas. Liquids are not, of course, except within microscopically small ranges, compressible. This will be corrected in the next republish. Spottie

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