Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I swear to God this is just too easy . . .

Here are two more letters to the Star Tribune; these are in the June 1st edition.

More Bush bashing

I am done reading your editorial page. On a Memorial Day, when one could focus an editorial on all of the good things being done by our forces in the Middle East, the Star Tribune chose to beat the drum for the Bush bashers. It doesn't matter whether any of the sources or facts supporting your editorial are true or not.

The editorial reads as if it were written by a liberal wacko completely out of touch with America.

/signed/, Champlin.

Let's see, Iraq is a seething cauldron of ethnic hatred on the brink of civil war, or at least we suspect it is, because it is too dangerous for reporters to actually leave their hotel rooms. The Iraqi economy is a shambles. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict hums right along and is not a day closer to resolution - and may be farther away - than the day George Bush took office. George Bush's bluster and swagger in lieu of actually negotiating have accomplished nothing regarding Iran's developing nuclear capability (the same is true regarding North Korea, but at least it's not in the Middle East.) The Taliban are resurgent in Afghanistan. We have no idea where Osama Bin Laden is. Has Spottie left anything out?

Spot is having a very difficult time thinking of all the good things that the US is responsible for in the Middle East. What color is the sky in Champlin, my friend? Sending the flower of the nation off to bleed and die for "pack of lies" in the words of George Galloway is the outrage. Saying so is the act of the genuine patriot.

And since when does it not matter whether the foundations of an editorial opinion are true or not? That statement is too absurd to require any further response.

If the Star Tribune editorial is out of touch with America, then the writer is this letter is out of touch with reality, or he makes his own, like the Bush administration. Or (Paul) Joseph Goebbels.

A fortuitous decision

That the Star Tribune would use Memorial Day to push its antiwar agenda made me so happy ... that I cancelled my subscription last month.

/signed/, Chaska.

And yet, he reads the editorials. A handsome feat.

Spottie promised to take on politicians and op-ed writers in this blog, and he will. These recent moonball letters to the editor were just too hard to lay off.

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