Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Veto a poet?

This from today's (June 1st) Star Tribune:

Gov. Tim Pawlenty rejected a bill that was overwhelmingly passed by the Legislature that would have allowed him to appoint a poet laureate after receiving recommendations from the nonprofit Minnesota Humanities Commission.

Many states have them, including Texas and Alabama, apparently. But not Minnesota. A lot of people think this is because Tim is afraid that somebody who speaks really well might share a platform with the governor and chew him out from time to time. Spottie will let Bill Holm, the Viking from Minneota, administer the dunking, again from the Star Tribune article:

Mr. Pawlenty seems to think that if you keep from raising taxes, the imagination will cease to be rambunctious. He's terrified of the imagination rearing up and giving a good, swift kick to his dead ideas.

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