Saturday, June 11, 2005

St. Paul rights chief speaks up for responsibility.

That's the title of Katherine Kersten's latest screed. She writes that "some" people in the civil rights establishment objected to an open letter to the African American community by Tyrone Terrill, St. Paul's director of human rights. In the letter, Terrill takes the African American community to task for condoning gang violence.

The head of the St. Paul NAACP apparently criticized Terrill for sending the letter on St. Paul stationery and in his official capacity. From this, Kersten concludes that the letter was entirely anti-responsibility. And then she concludes that the entire leadership of the civil rights movement is against personal responsibility.

Let's see, Katherine Kersten is a pseudo-moral cretin; Katherine Kersten is a woman, therefore all women are pseudo-moral cretins. You gotta admit, the logic is flawless.

Why can't it be both about people taking responsibility for their own lives, AND creating a fair and open environment for everyone? Well, of course, it is, except in the eyes of bigots like Katherine Kersten and some others.

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