Friday, December 29, 2006

A Red Letter Day for Johnny!

Johnny Rocketseed sits on the edge of his chair in front of the mahogany Zenith. Johnny figets. He squirms. The suspense is unbearable. Johnny has his fingers crossed. His only thoughts are of the Iraqi people:
Will executing Saddam help? I think it will help some. The government's apparent dithering in connection with the deposed tyrant's trial and sentencing no doubt contributed to an image of ineffectuality. I don't know how many die-hard Sunnis have harbored fantasies of a return to Saddam's rule, but no doubt some have. So executing him will signify a clear and final break with Iraq's past.

And then, just when Johnny thinks he can't take it any more, the joyous news comes:
The Iraqi authorities reportedly have hanged Saddam Hussein. Good riddance. May it benefit the Iraqi people; I think it will.

The US, which has had custody of Saddam throughout his trial, handed him over to the US client government in the Green Zone minutes before he was hanged.

Spot is so glad for your considered opinion Johnny. You've always been right in your judgments about the invasion and occupation of Iraq before! The dead-enders have been in their last throes for so long--at least according to you and Rummy--they must be really ready to throw in the towel any time now.

Well, we did accomplish one thing. Saddam won't be around to talk about all the help he got from the US in the eighties! Spot thought that Saddam should have called Rummy as a character witness.

Update: Apparnetly, Saddam was spirited out of the Green Zone for his hanging.

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