Monday, July 07, 2008

Sen. Patricia Torres Ray visits Drinking Liberally!

Spot told you a couple of weeks ago to mark your calendars for this Thursday, July 10th when Senator Patricia Torres Ray pays a visit to Drinking Liberally.

Did you mark your calendars, boys and girls?

I did, Spotty!

Good for you grasshopper. But for those of you who didn't, here's your reminder.

Spot thinks that Sen. Torres Ray will be there at around seven. She may have a few remarks and then just mingle with the crowd for a while.

Regular meeting time for Drinking Liberally is six to nine at the 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis.

Senator Torres Ray is a first-term senator from Senate District 62 in south Minneapolis. She is the Vice Chair of the Health, Housing and Family Security Committee, and a member of the Education Committee and of two divisions of the Finance Committee. She is a persistent critic of the governor's well, ideas, on immigration.

If there is time, we may also continue with the video project What would you ask of, or say to, a delegate to the Republican National Convention?

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