Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Your Fringe Festival Guide

Here's a Find-a-Fringe guide in the Strib:

The Minnesota Fringe Festival starts Thursday, July 31 and includes more than 800 performances of 156 shows at 18 venues. How do you find a show that's right for you? Find-a-Fringe can help. Search for Fringe show by keyword(s) or browse by showtime, genre or theater.

Tickets are $12 per show for adults, and a $3 festival button is required. Tickets are sold 30 minutes before each show at the venue. Multishow passes are available. More information: www.fringefestival.org.

Matthew Foster, the Communications Director for the festival was at Drinking Liberally last Thursday to provide some publicity; the festival is so big that Spot couldn't figure out how to describe it. The Find-a-Fringe guide above does a good job of giving you the dimensions, boys and girls.

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