Sunday, May 03, 2009

Keep your chin up, Andy!

Sad news, boys and girls. Andy Aplikowski lost his bid –- for re-election, apparently -- for the CD6 Vice Chair at the Republican convention yesterday. Andy’s taking it hard, too:

I'm realizing I am completely irrelevant now and that the last 4+ years have been a complete waste of my time. The blog, the time at GOP meetings, the lawnsigns, the calling, the everything. All a waste. I've killed myself the last 4 years and now I am worthless trash that was tossed out the window that no one will notice it is gone.

It’s times like this, Andy, that you must look to the leaders of your party for guidance in projecting grace in defeat.

Like Sarah:

amd_palin-frown Or maybe Norm:

01colemanOr even W:

frowning w 

Cheer up! You still have your dogs and your truck! Right? It’s not as if being first mate on the good ship Oblivion sailing into the sunset was such a great gig, anyway.

Seriously, Andy, tomorrow will be a new day; it could be worse than this one, but chances are it won’t be.

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