Saturday, May 16, 2009

“No nuke Texas?”

No, grasshopper; the governor is saying “no new taxes.” But it’s a fib, of course. Well, more than a fib, really. This from Minnesota Public Radio today:

Cut in aid to outstate cities may result in higher property tax

Minnesota mayors will gather at the Capitol today to demonstrate their concern over potential cuts in state aid to cities and counties.

St. Paul, Minn. — When Gov. Tim Pawlenty announced he would use line-item vetoes and his emergency unallotment authority to balance the budget and end the session on time, he said Local Government Aid would be a target for spending cuts.

During an interview Friday night on Twin Cities Public Television, DFL House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher said those cuts would result in skyrocketing local property taxes.

"They've gone up $3.6 billion over the last six years," Kelliher said. "Property taxes would actually surpass all other forms of taxes in terms of the amount collected. It would be $8 billion if the governor did that."

Kelliher says she's still open to trying to negotiate a budget agreement with the governor. The Legislature must adjourn by midnight Monday.

And consider these:

Blue Earth two cops short

Elko New Market drops it cops

Here’s what Mankato says the proposed 2009 LGA cuts equal:

The reduction is equivalent to the closure of the outdoor community pool and 7 patrol officers, which would be a 16% reduction in the total of sworn officers.

In fact, here’s a site that describes the impact on several cities, most of them outstate.

Boy, I’ll bet we’re really gonna take it in the shorts out here in Cakeville, Spotty!

Not really, grasshopper.

A thump of the tail to the Uptake.

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