Tuesday, October 13, 2009

John Kolstad comes to DL on October 15th

John Kolstad

John Kolstad, better known as Papa John to a generation of folk music fans, will visit Drinking Liberally in Minneapolis this week, as a candidate, not a musician.

John is running for mayor of Minneapolis against the incumbent R.T. Rybak and several others. This visit is a little unusual for DL, in that John is running with the Republican and Independence Parties’ endorsements.

To make sure that John feels welcome, it will also be fedora night at Drinking Liberally.

Ranked choice voting, also known instant run off voting, will be used in the mayoral election for the first time.

We meet at the 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis from six to nine PM. We expect John Kolstad around seven for a few remarks, maybe some Q&A, and just some time to visit.

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