Friday, October 09, 2009

Michael Brodkorb regards himself

Michael Brodkorb regards himself In the mirror, that is, and he is mightily pleased with himself and his fellow Republicans! He thinks that the Republicans are the reason that Chris Coleman has decided not to run for governor in 2010:

The state Republican Party divined a different reason [than ones stated earlier in the article] for Coleman's decision.

GOP deputy chair Michael Brodkorb said he believed Coleman decided not to run because of a GOP campaign finance complaint alleging he had spent money on a gubernatorial run without registering candidate papers with the state Elections Board.

"It's pretty clear that his hand was dealt today by the Republican Party," Brodkorb said.

Coleman said Thursday the complaint lacked substance and was not a factor in his decision.

Brodkorb also believes that Eva Ng will beat Coleman for mayor St. Paul. And that the Easter Bunny leaves him chocolate in a basket.

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