Sunday, January 03, 2010

The tale of the tube and the toothpaste

Or of the Twitter and the candidate from Waseca [correction]. Twitter is a stream of consciousness kind of medium. It is prone to the Freudian slip, as Mike Parry is finding out.

Parry is the Republican candidate for the state senate seat vacated by Dick Day when Day did the honest thing by resigning and admitting he’s been in it for the racino money all along. Parry was endorsed for the seat by the Republicans; it was just last week, Spot believes.

Anyway, Parry had said some things on Twitter that he now apparently regrets.

Like this:

perry tweet

And this:

The day after the New York Times published an editorial on the Matthew Shepard Act and a week after it was passed in the House, Parry posted a tweet stating “what’s with Dems and Pedophiles?” After winning the GOP’s endorsement this week, Parry aptly described himself as “pro-life, a Christian, a second amendment rights supporter, a hard worker and not politically correct.”

How do we know he regrets them? He scrubbed them, and the fact that he did so is pretty good proof that he was ashamed of his words. As well as he should be.

But taking words back on the Internet is as hard, or harder, than putting toothpaste back in the tube. Parry’s efforts, though, caused Tild to imagine Parry as the perfect mouthpiece for a new product:

mike-parry-tweet-scrubA thump of the tail to a Bluestem Prairie for giving this story some legs.

If Spot was a southern Minnesota reporter, he surely would ask Parry about these Tweets. The answers couldn’t help but be illuminating.

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