Thursday, February 11, 2010

Himself and herself sure enjoyed it

From a Hot Dish Politics post at the StarTribune last night about Governor Gutshot’s State of the State address today:

"There’s some humor," said [deputy chief of staff and Pawlenty spokesman] McClung, fresh from a rehearsal with the state's highest-elected comedian. "Myself and the first lady laughed. We are not unbiased, but we enjoyed it."

Well, of course, Spot is just tickled that himself and herself enjoyed the governor’s humor.

Boys and girls, we have talked about reflexive pronouns here at the Cucking Stool before. But just to summarize: don’t ever use “myself” as the subject of a sentence. Unless the sentence is, “Myself” is used as the subject of a sentence by pretentious people who really come off as just pretentious boobs.

“Myself” as a subject is just an ungrammatical and corn pone version of the royal “we.”

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