Monday, March 29, 2010

A Drinking Liberally you won’t want to miss

stylized 331 Club - DL Thursday, April 1st – and we’re dead serious here – Mayor R.T. Rybak will be our guest at Drinking Liberally.

old-331 It won’t be any old Drinking Liberally. This is our meeting during the Fifth Anniversary week of the reopening of the 331 Club as a very cool music club that draws people from all over town. A lot of good things have happened around the intersection of 13th Avenue N.E. and University in the last few years, and the 331 Club has certainly been a part of the renewed vitality of the neighborhood.

The Mayor will talk a little bit about that. Since the state DFL convention is around the corner, and he’s running for the endorsement for governor, he’ll talk about that, too.

dl trio from 331 And if the Mayor’s not enough, you can come and meet Jon and Jarret Oulman, the owners of the 331 Club, as well as Alisha, the Treasurer of Drinking Liberally.

We meet every Thursday, from six to nine at, of course, the 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis. The Mayor’s remarks will begin around seven.

Even if you’re not a DL regular, this is one you’ll want to attend.

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