Sunday, March 07, 2010

Rep. Paul Thissen’s Drinking Liberally video

Since there was no video taken of Paul Thissen’s appearance at Drinking Liberally, I interviewed him on Friday, March 5th at the Inez Greenberg Gallery at the Bloomington Center for the Arts. Here are just some of the questions put to Paul and his answers.

Special thanks to the Bloomington Center for the Arts, and to Jim and Rachel especially, for making the Gallery available for the interview. The Inez Greenberg Gallery hosts many interesting shows, and I recommend it highly.

While we were there, a former board member of the Center, Les Fordahl, happened to stop by. I learned that Les was a combat artist in Vietnam. You can learn about Les at the Library of Congress, here.

Since one of Paul’s briefs at the Capitol is health care, I am going to do another video of Paul’s remarks about GAMC. Look for that in a day or two.

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