Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MinnCan: As bad as you thought

Today MinnCan announced its formation, new leader, and its board. The press release announcing the formation proclaims it will "build a movement of Minnesotans to enact smart public policies so that every Minnesota child has access to a great public school." Right. At the very end the release tells us what's really going on:
MinnCAN's 2011 legislative policy agenda will be announced in January and will be based on the three principles of flexibility, accountability and choice.
Shorter MinnCan: We exist to terrorize teachers and privatize public education.

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Alec Timmerman said...

We've had choice and charters for 20 years! Wht the hell do they mean by choice? It's made segregation worse than before we had open enrollment. Saint Paul might lose its desegregation money and we've had busing and choice forever. Does 20 years of evidence mean nothing?