Thursday, November 11, 2010

Today in Obama-land

1) The president seems to be okay with extending tax cuts for the wealthy. As Blue Texan says at Firedoglake,  "If the White House Gets Rolled by the GOP on Tax Cuts, What’s the Point of Voting for Democrats?"

2) Democratic Senator Kent Conrad invokes Veterans' Day to defend the president's Deficit Commission, which plans to establish co-pays and deductibles for veterans.

3) 2014 Is Not The Endpoint Of The Afghanistan War. The Obama administration has quietly changed its goals in Afghanistan, now saying it will merely consider being out by 2014.

4) Obama set to escalate secret war in Yemen. U.S. has already killed dozens of people, including civilians, in air strikes, and that may be just the beginning

5) US Military Destroying Hundreds of Civilian Homes in Kandahar  Afghans Complain Troops Are Destroying Their Fields, Trees and Property, Leaving Some Homeless


DiscordianStooge said...

I think someone recently asked in the comments why people on the left who voted for Obama in '08 would be upset with him, even though he kept his promises.

There may have been a false premise in that statement.

Alec Timmerman said...

Still with BO. This might change me though. Congress does not een hae to address the Bush tax cuts. Just write a middle class package that takes effect when the Bush tax cuts expire. Are the REpublicans really going to filibuster a middle class tax cut? Am I missing something here?

lloydletta said...

I think there's alot of pain in this, but things that have to be done.  I have a very good health insurance plan at my employer (a public university) - and we have co-pays.  Why should veterans be exempt? 

The plan also includes going after Defense spending excesses.  That's way overdue.

Rob Levine said...

Hopefully maybe this latest sellout by Obama will open people's eyes about who the president really represents.

Sherry said...

Obama should just let all the tax cuts expire before compromising. 

Get some balls.

The effect on us middle earners will amount to a sneeze.

Rob Levine said...

No one should have co-pays. The notion that people over-use medical care is ludicrous. Who likes going to the doctor? So - if a veteran can't afford a co-pay should he or she not get care?

Rob Levine said...

BTW - The "plan" - as it is - consists of 75% funding cuts and 25% increases in spending. It includes tax cuts on the rich and corporations. Are you a liberal, lloydletta, because liberals have led the fights that have empowered corporations in this country.

Alec Timmerman said...

   You are one of the very, very lucky very, very few who still have good health care through work. As a public school teacher I would hve to pay an extra $10,000 out of pocket for my kids to have coverage, and we still have high co-pays and low choices of providers. You're falling into the same "crabs getting out of teh bottom of the bucket" ideas that have been discussed here before. What people are missing is that those with the most are not being asked to sacrifice and in fact are being asked to sacrifice less. Let's start there for once?

Alec Timmerman said...

That is exactly what he shold do. Is the Senate really going to fillibuster a massive middle class tax cut passage? Let 'em.