Friday, December 31, 2010

Spotty™ winner Ehlinger take top health spot

Dr. Edward Ehlinger, a Spotty™ laureate,  has been named Commissioner of Health in the Dayton Administration. From a press release (via PIM):

Dr. Edward Ehlinger brings years of public health experience and savvy to the Minnesota Department of Health, as well as strong relationships throughout the medical community. He currently serves as the Director and Chief Health Officer at Boynton Health Service at the University of Minnesota.

“Dr. Ehlinger’s long experience in public health and in leading a key Minnesota health facility position him well to lead the Minnesota Department of Health and to restore our state’s former preeminence in national health care initiatives,” said Governor-elect Dayton.

Dr. Ehlinger won the Spotty™ for his response to Jason Lewis’ braying about government health care.

Dr. Elhlinger is a proponent of Sen. Marty’s Minnesota Health Plan and has testified at the Legislature in favor of it.

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