Saturday, January 01, 2011

Education deform roundup

1) Gates' Measures of Effective Teaching Study: More Value-Added Madness. From a principal and doctoral candidate in Seattle, commenting on a $45 million Gates study on ""Measures of effective teaching," who writes that despite the philanthropy's sophistry, using so-called "value-added" measures for determining teachers' salaries will always be problematic because " will continue to remain impossible to isolate teacher effects from [other] influences."

2) Democratic ed deformer Whitney Tilson describes how financial-types brought Democrats into the movement.

3) Five Educational Myths (used to fuel ed deform) This blog post contains an excerpt from a Jonathan Kozol article in Harpers in 2007 that quotes Wall Street plutocrats describing how they would "force" the privatization of education:
"The education industry", according to these analysts, "represents, in our opinion, the final frontier of a number of sectors once under public control" that "have either voluntarily opened" or, they note in pointed terms, have "been forced" to open up to private enterprise.
4) Waiting for SuperFraud.

UPDATE: Missed this one: What to do when the victims of education deform complain? Censor them.

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