Monday, January 17, 2011

Tim “Day Late and a Dollar Short” Pawlenty

Stick a fork in him

David Schultz sums it up:

However, even without these two events [Michele Bachmann throwing her tin foil hat in the ring and the shootings in Tucson], his chances were slim. Consistently I have stated that he has little chance of being a serious candidate for the presidency. I also said that two years ago when I said he had no prayer as McCain’s VP. Why? Simply Pawlenty has no buzz and no originality. Pawlenty is a “me too” [or three or four] candidate. Others talk about tax cuts, social conservatism, or what have you, and Pawlenty does the same. Palin does a book, Pawlenty does a book. Romney touts his skills as a pro-business governor, Pawlenty touts his skills as a pro-business governor. Pawlenty is always behind others, never able to find a message or theme that lets him stand out from others. Instead, he seems to a candidate in search of a message, a voice, an appeal. He stands below undecideds among GOPers.

For those of you interested in a trip down memory lane, here’s an encounter between Governor Gutshot and Grandpa Walnuts at the RNC in St. Paul.

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