Monday, January 24, 2011

Bradlee Dean’s application for martyrdom III


Torquemada in sunglasses

Here’s Part One and Part Two in the series.

Here is yet another interesting and illuminating paragraph from Bradley Dean Smith’s recent apologia:

Americans are to look out for one another; to watch each other’s backs; and to love one another enough to hold each other to the truth. How foreign this is to those who don’t uphold American values, and you know who they are by the things they write, say, and do, whether ignorantly or intentionally. Are these reporters writing to unite or to divide the American cause?

If you look up narcissist in the dictionary, you’ll see Avidor’s sketch of Smith right next to the definition. Smith is a paragon of virtue, capable of explaining issues of morality and constitutional principles anywhere, anytime. He is the essence of the “American cause.” Don’t believe it? Just ask him.

Even the casual reader can see that Smith claims that anyone who criticizes or questions him is foreign, ignorant or ill intentioned. Smith is messianic; to question him is un-American. It’s his truth that we all need to be held to – an anti-gay and anti-Muslim truth.

Smith, and his sidekick Jake MacAuley, are Exhibits A and B in the case for the separation of church and state.

If a theocracy ever comes to the United States, you can bet your hindquarters, boys and girls, that won’t be St. Francis calling the shots; it will be guys – and they will be mostly guys – like our Torquemada in sunglasses.

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