Monday, January 31, 2011

Takin' away our freedoms revisited

I'll bet some of you were thinking that we were joking in that earlier post about the loss of freedom that comes with traffic laws and the need for some Tea Party freedom lovin' deregulation of our streets.

Nope. From Georgia, we hear of State Representative Bobby Franklin Of Marietta, who has proposed the "Right to Travel Act." From the bill:
Free people have a common law and constitutional right to travel on the roads and highways that are provided by their government for that purpose. Licensing of drivers cannot be required of free people, because taking on the restrictions of a license requires the surrender of an inalienable right.
Harking back to the Magna Carta, the bill continues:
In England in 1215, the right to travel was enshrined in Article 42 of Magna Carta:
It shall be lawful to any person, for the future, to go out of our kingdom, and to return, safely and securely, by land or by water, saving his allegiance to us, unless it be in time of war, for some short space, for the common good of the kingdom: excepting prisoners and outlaws, according to the laws of the land, and of the people of the nation at war against us, and Merchants who shall be treated as it is said above.

From what I can tell, Representative Franklin is a bit of a flake. A rundown of the bills he's submitted can be found here. But please don't share the link too widely, we here at the Cucking Stool don't want to go giving the Minnesota GOP any ideas.

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