Thursday, August 11, 2005

Bob is a really slow learner . . .

From Thursday's letters to the editor in the Strib:
Didn't work last time

Note to Coleen Rowley: If you plan to run for Congress under the "We need the rest of the world's help" banner, I suggest you review another Democrat who recently ran his campaign with a similar "global test" theme. You notice they don't call him President Kerry.

Bob Huge, Edina.
Let's see Bob, what have we learned since last fall's election? In your case, apparently nothing. Since pulling the lever or perhaps pointing at a name on a screen in November, a lot of folks have lately come to realize that the war in Iraq is a huge confidence game. But not you. Spot applauds you for having the courage of your confusion.

And by the way, Bob, your Congressman is Jim Ramstad. Coleen Rowley lives a long, long way from you. Don't worry.

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