Friday, August 19, 2005

Dog to sponge, part three . . .

Spot can only count to two in French.

Spotty's pal Dave fired in another one as a comment in response to Dog to Sponge, part deux. Spot wants to respond to it.
Spotty's post makes me feel like a mosquito in a nudist colony-where o where to begin?

Let's start with the most popular liberal mantra-Bush lied. I've heard this accusation thousands of times in the past year but never seen a shred of evidence for it. Bush may have been WRONG about WMD, but there is no reasonable basis for claiming he lied. As I have pointed out to Spotty several times, the vast majority of Democrats looked at the intel and agreed with the president.
Spot didn't say anything in the post commented on about president Bush's truthfulness. Spot says that Dave doth protest too much. Ah, that's rich. Protest too much! Get it?
Next, you want to try to solve the problem by using logic and reason. Your example is of an argument with a friend or loved one. Great intentions, but you cannot negotiate with someone who does not share your basic system of beliefs. You don't try to reason with your friend or loved one when they are drunk and have a gun, do you? No, you call the police.
Logic and reason are the only things that will ever get us out of Iraq.

Spotty says, as he suggested in the earlier post, that humans are pretty much the same wherever you go. One of the human universals is to demonize an enemy, call them bloodthirsty, irrational, zealots, evil, insensitive to human life, whatever. It just makes them easier to kill, especially in large numbers, and it makes it easier to just call all of the innocents who are slaughtered "collateral damage." The Islamic fundamentalists are doing it to us; we are doing it to them.

Remember, a lot of these folks were our friends (upon whom the US lavished money and material) when they were fighting the Soviets. Same thing is true of the Iraqis when they were fighting the hated Iranians. They went from friends to ruthless enemies so fast it makes Spot dizzy.

I challenge someone, the Sponge is a good candidate, to compile a list of some things that we have said about our enemies in Vietnam, the Cold War, Korea, WWII, WWI, and the Spanish American War. (You can go back farther than that, if you like.)

The first step in stopping the digging (see the First Law of Holes in part deux) is to stop the demonology.
Next, the myth of our allies. The French and German governments, being morally pure and completely honorable in their intentions, objected to the invasion of Iraq because it was morally wrong. Yeah, and the billions of dollars that they made every year in selling Iraqi oil had nothing to do with it. That's not counting the bribes given under the oil for food scandal.
Nobody is morally pure. Don't always have to be to be useful. From what Spot understands, the French are very helpful in Afghanistan and in the intelligence and law enforcement efforts against the terrorists. Remember, the French had Algeria and therefore have a little experience we could use. That's sure not a myth.

And Spotty believes that there were some US hogs at the oil for food trough, too.
And lastly, Spotty doesn't have to choose living on your knees or dying on your feet. Just wait long enough and the terrorists will make the choice for you.
That's a chance Spotty is willing to take. He has the courage of his convictions, just like Dave.

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