Friday, August 26, 2005

More assigned reading . . .

Peggy Noonan (yes, that Peggy Noonan) has an op-ed piece up on the site called Think Dark. It should have been called Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid. Spotty's favorite line in the whole piece is:
To think dark, on the other hand, takes imagination--and something more.
Why, yes it does, Peggy. In your case, it also requires a leave of absence from reality. The essential point of the piece is that we shouldn't close a single military base because we may need them someday when martial law is imposed. Neat! In making her point, Noonan takes every possible terrorist threat, rolls 'em together and smokes 'em.

It's really a silly piece, and who better than James Wolcott to provide the evisceration? Darkness at Noonan is a must-read.

If you have some time, and for extra credit, also check out Spotty's own post about the use of fear-mongering by a columnist.


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