Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Social Darwinist hunter gatherers.

Boys and girls, you have undoubtedly heard Spotty refer to conservatives or libertarians as social Darwinist hunter gatherers. But Spot didn’t realize that it is literally true. Here’s Mark Yost, Captain Fishsticks’s confederate at the Pioneer Press, in a guest column over at Stick’s place:
What will I blog on? Biathlon, of course. It’s the only sport that really matters during the Winter Olympics. And because it involves guns, the MSM can’t be counted on to give it the coverage it deserves.
Yost goes on to wax orgasmic about the biathlon competition at the Winter Olympics. Yeah, scuttling through the woods and periodically stopping to shoot at stuff is the absolute zenith of the Olympic ideal! No need, really, for any other events. It’s just too bad that the competitors don’t shoot at each other, giving new meaning to the term “elimination round!” The US Olympic Committee could hire the veep as a coach.

Spot is soliciting nomination for liberal Olympic events. Spotty offers short track relay speed skating.


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