Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Middle-aged guys in letter jackets . . .

You know how there are always guys who run around in their old letter jackets because they went to the state tournament in baskeball once and it's the most memorable thing they ever did - or will ever do, for that matter? Boy these guys are sad sacks. Keep the image in mind and consider:
Bush Hails Blogosphere

Until now, I don't think President Bush has commented publicly on the 60 Minutes/National Guard story. But the Drudge Report has excerpts from Bill Sammon's new book, Strategery, in which both Bush and Karl Rove talk about the document scandal: . . .

So begins another bit of wankery at Powerline. The boys love to live in the thrilling days of yesteryear. Ok, let's have a show of hands: who thinks that Powerline's big break is still remotely interesting? Let's see, there's Peter, Wendy, and Tink. That's three. Anybody else? Spot didn't think so.

Spotty would much rather hear you fellas own up to recent comments by Francis Fukuyama, William Kristol, and William F. Buckley about the failure of the Iraq war. So far, nothing from you.

If a neo-con falls in the forest, and it doesn't get reported in the echo chamber; it still happened.

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