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Repya's rantings . . .

Yesterday’s Strib (February 28th) featured this letter of the day:
Nick Coleman is at it again. His third column attacking Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans and Gold Star parents just reinforces the fact that he and his radical friends feel that "free speech" is only allowable if it attacks the war, the troops or the administration. Perhaps that is why in a Military Times Iraq Poll of service members (released January 2006), four of every five respondents said they believe media reports often are "inaccurate."

Too bad that our veterans and Gold Star parents have to purchase ad space to get their side of the argument out. However, veterans owe Coleman a debt of gratitude for one thing: He, along with the recent statements of Minnesota DFL Party Chair Brian Melendez, exposed the real "Big Lie" the radical left and some like Coleman in the media have been saying about the war in Iraq. That "lie" started at the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom: "We support the troops but not their mission."

By calling the Midwest Heroes ad "un-American, untruthful and a lie," they have proven they support neither the troops nor their mission. I suspect they never have.


Somebody at the paper added the gratuitously insulting headline: Letter of the day: It's strike three for antiwar Coleman. No, headline writer, you have it wrong. Coleman hit three of them out of the park. Spotty has written about this before. In responding to the pendant Tink, who huffed and puffed about the same columns, Spotty said:
In his columns, Coleman makes three broad points. In the first commercial, Coleman writes, misleading claims are made. Both WCCO and KSTP agree with that. In the second, Coleman points out that not all members of Gold Star families support the war. Also demonstrably true. In the third, Coleman basically quotes from correspondence he has received from vets expressing doubts or opposition to the enterprise.

Tink’s shuck and jive does not touch these basic points, because it can’t. The best Tink can do is give us an impression of a pettifogging lawyer singing a patter song in a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta.

Spot recommends the whole post, boys and girls, because you can learn about the Texas cockroach defense.

And just who is Lt. Col. Joe Repya? Well, he isn’t a war-wounded vet who came home to nurse his injuries, that’s for sure. Repya is a cheerleader for the war in Iraq, just like Katherine Kersten. In fact, Spot understands that Joe and Katie chipped in together recently for a new set of pom-poms.

When Spot put Google to work, he found that Repya is 1) home for shoulder surgery for an injury unrelated to service in Iraq, 2) a lickspittle Bush and Cheney supporter and 2004 delegate to the Republican National Convention, and 3) often featured on Never Never Land.

Spotty thought it was customary and good journalistic practice to identify letter or opinion piece writers with a particular axe to grind by describing the axe. Apparently, this isn’t necessary if you are a friend of Peter, Wendy, and Tink. In a recent Never Never Land post, Tink includes an exchange of mash notes with Kate Parry, the Strib's readers rep. In one of them, Parry provides Tink with considerable information about sourcing and methods (proving herself an easier lay that Judith Miller), and ends by wishing Tink a “good weekend.”

How hard would it have been for the Strib to find these things out about Repya before printing Repya’s letter, making it a Letter of the Day no less?

Let’s take another look at the letter itself, boys and girls. Here’s another take on the war from another vet, responding directly to Repya a few months ago. Most of the country, and not a few vets, think the war was a mistake; Repya’s questioning of the motives of anti-war sentiment is just ignorant demagoguery. As Spotty has written before, it is just a tawdry attempt to take the issue of the war off the table, to make it beyond discussion or debate. Because the debate is a loser for Repya.

And how is it that an active duty soldier is such a mouthpiece in favor of the war? Here are just a few of the Department of Defense no-no’s for active duty service personnel:
E3.3.6. Allow or cause to be published partisan political articles signed or written by the member that solicits votes for or against a partisan political party, candidate, or cause.

E3.3.8. Speak before a partisan political gathering, including any gathering that promotes a partisan political party, candidate, or cause.

E3.3.9. Participate in any radio, television, or other program or group discussion as an advocate for or against of a partisan political party, candidate, or cause.

Do you suppose that the Administration would permit an active duty service person with anti-war views to be so outspoken? Heaven forefend.

A recent Zogby poll shows that most service persons in Iraq want out. Repya has written several times that there is no substitute for victory. Oh yes there is, as we’re about to find out.

Update: Don't miss Spot's latest post about Joe Repya: The shoes of the fisherman.


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