Thursday, March 09, 2006

Spotty paraphrases Proverbs . . .

Spot has written before about the fact that the Bushies are inheriting the wind on the Dubai ports deal for their stirring up the current degree of xenophobia against Arabs and Muslims in the United States. In a long, thoughtful, angry, and bitter post, Juan Cole of Informed Comment addresses the issue. Spot recommends it highly. Here's a quote:
The subtext of bigotry and racism is what has blindsided the Bush administration with regard to the port deal for a company based in Dubai. Dubai is like the Fifth Avenue of the Middle East-- the place with the pricey shopping and the tall skyscrapers and the extravagant fashions. Dubai businessmen are no more likely to take over US ports and allow them to come to harm than US businessmen are. They want the deal in order to make money. Bush knows this very well. But since he has spent so much time fulminating against shadowy and sinister forces over there somewhere, he has spooked the American public and members of his own party.

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