Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dogpile on Repya!

Spot had a long post yesterday (well long for Spot anyway) about Lt. Col. Joe Repya. CP at minvolved had some words for Repya, too. By the way, you military experts out there, if full colonel is a bird colonel, does that mean Repya is a half-bird colonel? Anyway, CP takes issue with Repya’s insinuation, nay statement, in his letter to the Strib on February 28th that you can’t support the troops if you don’t support the war. CP says:
The only lie that is contained in Repya’s insulting letter to the editor (which could only be hatched from the sick mind of a politically motivated mid-level commissioned officer) is that one that says it’s not possible to support our men and women in uniform while disagreeing with the manner in which they have been deployed.

You got that right CP! Spotty says that wanting our service people out of that useless meat grinder in the sand is supporting the troops, their families and friends, and the country. (Spotty does have a little higher lie count, though.)

Da Wege also comments on Repya’s letter. He discusses a Military Times poll that is at odd with Repya’s claim that four out of five people in the military think media reports about the war are inaccurate. Wege says:
If, as Col. Repya says, "four of every five respondents said they believe media reports often are 'inaccurate'," it would appear that the best interpretation of that in light of the more recent poll would be that our troops don't think the media is reporting the degree to which Iraq is a disaster in progress.

Read the whole post for a discussion of the Military Times poll and how support for the war has eroded in the last year among the military’s professional corps.

Spot is going to post more about this in the next couple of days, but it seems likely that next month we will be deploying about 2,500 members of the Minnesota Guard into the teeth of brutal, sectarian civil war. These people are our friends and neighbors, our cops and firefighters, our EMTs, our co-workers. Do you think maybe the State, and the governor in particular, ought to take some responsibility to find out if there is even a plan to keep our people safe?

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