Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Poor Sticks . . .

It seems like just yesterday that Sticks got his gig passing gas at the Pioneer Press. Now, Knight Ridder, which owns the PP, sold out to the McClatchy Co., the owner of that awful, liberal Minneapolis Star Tribune! Not only that, but McClatchy Co. apparently doesn’t even want the PP, stating that it will be re-sold. (Actually, anti-trust concerns have something to do with it, but never mind.)

What will become of poor Sticks?

The delicious irony here is that the smart money is betting that a private equity firm, social Darwinist hunter gatherers just like Sticks, will buy the PP and loot it. Let’s see if Sticks survives the machete.

Of course, Sticks can always catch on at the Center of the American Experiment. Or maybe not.

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