Saturday, March 18, 2006

It's a dirty job, but . . .

From the malodorous archives at Powerline:
March 26, 2003
Sleep well, Rocket Man

You may have to sleep for a while, Rocket Man. According to this Washington Post article by its chief military reporter Thomas Ricks, some senior military officials are now convinced that the war will last for "months." It seems to me, however, that it is simply too early to predict whether the war will be over in weeks or months. All we know is that the regime didn't capitulate right away (never likely) and that the Iraqi military is willing to fight, at least up to a point (a matter, perhaps, of legitimate doubt prior to the start of the war). Thus, the war didn't end in days. Whether it now lasts for weeks or months depends on military developments in and around Baghdad. Ricks' piece in the Post suggests that there are too many imponderables to predict at this point how these developments will play out. [italics are Spot’s]

Posted by Paul at 10:15 PM
There is a movement afoot to exhume some of the bassoonery (yep, Spot just made up that word; it is the clown-like sound of right wingers exercising their vocal cords) in the lead up to, and in the early days of the war in Iraq. Boys and girls, there is a mother lode in the archives at Powerline. Spot invites you to dig in yourself and bring your favorites to Spotty attention! Please.

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