Monday, March 20, 2006

The call the wind Katie

Isn’t there a song that goes like that? Anyway.

Katie is usually a little better at screed rotation. Today, we get Katie’s second column in a row on gay marriage. The headline of the column, which Katie probably did not write, is If gay marriage is OK'd, definition of bigotry will expand. That’s a pretty good head, actually. Spot thinks that Katie is getting pretty worried about this.

As MNObserver, er, observes, the shorter version of the column is We must move quickly to embrace bigotry lest we be redefined as bigots. Most people don’t like to think of themselves as bigots; the cognitive dissonance keeps them awake at night.

The editorial pages of the Star Tribune this past couple of days have been full of letters calling Katie, well, a bigot for her column last Thursday. And Katie doesn’t like it one bit, nosiree bob. She’s a fine Christian woman, righteous and probably very, very chaste; how could she be called a bigot? Here’s a snippet of Katie’s vice-like logic from today:
Supporters of same-sex marriage often insist that "extending marriage rights" to gay people is no big deal. It won't change life for the rest of us, they say. But if same-sex marriage becomes a civil right, the belief that one-man, one-woman marriage is best for kids becomes discriminatory, and those who hold it become bigots.

Yeah, Katie, it’s just like those darn Northerners who kept meddling in that “peculiar institution,” slavery. It really annoyed a lot of Southerners, so much so that they tried to pick up their marbles and leave.

In the end, Katie, you need to accept the fact this isn’t about you. In fact, most things aren’t about you. No one is telling you that you have to change your own mating behavior, or even your attitudes. You just have to be prepared to accept the obloquy for having those attitudes. Seems fair to Spot.

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