Sunday, March 26, 2006

Readin' and 'rithmic and nothing else

This is interesting, and more than a little troubling. The NYT reports today on a trend in US education away from social studies, science, and art. Why? The requirements of No Child Left Behind, of course. For some low scoring kids, this means essentially a full day of reading and math:
About 125 of the school's lowest-performing students [at Martin Luther King Jr. junior high in Sacramento] are barred from taking anything except math, reading and gym, a measure that Samuel Harris, a former lieutenant colonel in the Army who is the school's principal, said was draconian but necessary. "When you look at a kid and you know he can't read, that's a tough call you've got to make," Mr. Harris said.

In the article, some commenters say this might make school a little, well, booooooring. Ya think?

If Katie thinks we're ahistorical now, just give it a generation or two.


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