Monday, March 20, 2006

Communist stooges?

Ol' Spotty was going to wade into the fetid swamp of the archives over at Powerline, but before he could do that, he saw this gem from Wendy today:
Say it ain't so, Joe

My conservative cousin from New York, who used to take me to baseball games at the Polo Grounds and Griffith Stadium (where we'd watch Cuban pitchers Camilo Pascual and Pedro Ramos), finds that Jon Miller and Joe Morgan "served as conduits for Castro's propaganda" in their broadcast of the World Baseball Classic game between Cuba and The Dominican Republic. He writes:

[Spot gave you the link; follow it if you want.]

Joe Morgan and Jon Miller are communist stooges? Hysterical laughter. Sorry. You know, Spot used to think that Tink, and maybe even Peter, were better than Wendy in the histrionics department, but he's no longer sure. The two posts that Spot referred to recently from the Powerline archives are both from Wendy, and there is another great one from Wendy coming soon.

Joe and John are the best baseball announcing team in radio or television. John's baritone voice and pacing and language in the play-by-play are lyrical. Joe Morgan is the best baseball technician in broadcasting. The clowns who are usually tapped to do the World Series aren't fit to shine the shoes of Joe and John.

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