Friday, March 24, 2006

Who's your Daddy, Sticks?

Spotty told you, Sticks, that the Legislature would have no appetite for further consideration of school vouchers. Apparently, Sticks got a chance to see that first hand:
But the number one thing that has pissed me off today is the House Education Policy Committee that today voted down the Educational Access Grant Bill. I am too mad to write about it. [but he undoubtedly will, ed.] The arrogance of those voting against the bill that would have allowed a small percentage of low-income families in city schools to use limited vouchers to attend private schools is incomprehensible to me. I doubt this makes the front page tomorrow. Maybe if they held the committee meeting naked and spent some time stomping bunnies instead of trampling the future of young children the story might get some ink. Like I said. (sic) I’m pissed.

Horse pucky. Vouchers are merely the transition phase to an entirely private school system in the eyes of the social Darwinist hunter gatherers like Sticks. As though he cared about inner-city school children.

What is interesting to Spot is that vouchers couldn’t even make it out of a Republican House committee!

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