Thursday, February 23, 2006

Take another look . . .

There is a sentence at minvolved's Morning Read today that says Spotty agrees with Bush. Jeebus, not so loud, CP! Spot is not angling for memebership in MOB. There were a few DLers, well probably more than a few of them, who disagreed last night with Spot's view of the Dubai Ports World kerfluffle.

It is true that Bush's handling of the approval of the takeover - including his threat to veto any efforts to quash the deal - was inept and ham-handed, but that is hardly a distinguishing factor in the pantheon of Bush decision making. It is also true that a lot of Bush's "base" is enraged, which Spot supposes is a good thing.

The latest things that Spot has been hearing on the breezes is the ports operation approval was just tit-for-tat with the UAE because of of the extensive use of port and other facilities there by the US military. So let's see, the UAE is permitting the US to be a coaling station in its supply line to our troops in the field in Iraq and Afghanistan. And in exchange for that, we'll permit the UAE to do some business in the US. Works for Spot.

The second-to-last thing that Spot wants is troops in Iraq. The very last thing he wants is poorly supplied troops in Iraq.

Update: Spotty says go read this article in the Notion by the Nation.

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