Monday, July 30, 2007

I can read! I can read!

Avidor called this one to Spot's attention. It is Michele Bachmann's entry in the Get Caught Reading program. Get Caught Reading is a literacy initiative. Michele's picture, however, looks like a poster you might see in an al-Qaeda training camp barracks to impress on the recruits what's really at stake:

Dazed and brain-washed white Americans, bent on killing Muslims! Join our jihad before it's too late!

Who's the author of the book she is reading, Spotty?

It's Mark Steyn:

Johann Hari accused Steyn of falsely claiming that "[o]n September 10, 2001, a sixth-grade student of Middle Eastern origin at a Jersey City school warned his teacher to stay away from Lower Manhattan". Steyn was quoting reporter Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, who was fired after writing that story for reasons that have never been made public.

Later, in a review of America Alone, Hari accused Steyn of "raw racism", pointing to a passage which he argues shows Steyn to be celebrating the birth of 'white' babies over those of other ethnicities. He also states that Steyn "describes as 'correct' a friend who talks about 'beturbanned prophet-monkeys'" and goes on to say that "for [Steyn], culture is merely a thinly veiled homologue for race."

Spot wrote about Johann Hari here.

Of all the participants from Congress in the Get Caught Reading program linked above, Michele Bachmann is the only one Spot saw who was holding up such a polemic.

A big thump of the tail to Dump Michele Bachmann.

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