Tuesday, July 31, 2007

O Boo Hoo!

Apparently, Mitch Berg combed the liberal blogs in the wake of the death of Norm Coleman Sr. to see who was rending their clothes and gnashing their teeth in the proper manner. And Mitch was troubled to find only two, MNPublius and Centrisity. Spot thinks he missed some, including Minnesota Monitor.

Spotty, you offered your condolences, didn't you?

No grasshopper he did not. Spot has never met the senator, well maybe they did play "shake" once, and Spot doubts that Coleman reads the Cucking Stool. So what's the point?

Well, Mitch would have felt better.

And that's Spot's job, this cheering up of Mitch?

I guess not.

Why would Spot pander to Mitch and his buddies? Spot doesn't recall the right wing bloggers lamenting the passing of, say, Lady Bird Johnson or Dean Johnson's wife. Johnson was the state senate Majority Leader when his wife died. Or come to think of it, Spot doesn't recall their outpourings of grief when Becky Lourey's son was killed in a helicopter crash in Iraq, either. There may be been some, and Spot apologizes for the ones he missed. But that's not Spot's point.

You say "I'm sorry for your loss" to the person who had a loss. Mitch Berg didn't have a loss. Spot's "thoughts and prayers" are not with Mitch and his MOB buddies. Norm Sr. had a full life, especially recently, and Spot let him go in peace.

Right wing bloggers are a cottage industry in the manufacture of grievance. One of their most important raw materials is maudlin sentimentality. It's usually used for embroidery, but it sometimes provides the fabric for the whole garment.


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