Sunday, December 30, 2007

For only $200, you too can be rehabilitated!

Canada takes DWI very seriously. It's a felony in Canada and can make you inadmissable to Canada if you're a US citizen. (If you are a Canadian citizen, they have to take you back.) For the most part, of course, a DWI, especially the first one, is not a felony in the US. Well, okay, fair enough. But that's not the end of it.

You see, you can still get into Canada. You'll just get trimmed of an extra $200 bucks:

Canadian immigration officials say that in many cases, would-be visitors with minor records are provisionally admitted -- either by paying about $200 in U.S. money for a temporary permit or paying the same amount and following a months-long process to "rehabilitate" their record permanently.

So, if you're a practicing alcoholic, you may be able to drive into Canada by paying $200, but if you've had a single Friday night indiscretion, and you're on a bus but without the necessary cash, you won't get in.

Gee, Spotty, that sounds like it is more about the raising of some revenue than keeping inebriated drivers out.

That's what Spot was thinking, too, grasshopper.

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