Saturday, December 01, 2007

Big Dick joins a posse!

In an apparent effort to bond with other fat, angry, white men, state senator and congressional aspirant Dick Day (R - Paranoia) joined a group of other vigilantes recently along the Arizona - Mexico border where the senator posed for pictures with illegals that he personally rounded up. See how happy Big Dick looks!

Ah, Spot, the senator didn't capture the detainees.

He didn't? Well, Spot was obviously led to think so because of opening of the  senator's press release on the excursion:

Senator Dick Day Tours US / Mexico Border

Congressional Candidate Visits Popular Border Crossing Paths in Southern Arizona, Participates in Surveillance Exercises with Volunteer Minutemen Project, US Border Patrol

Yeah, it sounds like he was right there in the Jeep with the BP guys, doesn't it? Freeze, mo fo, or I'll shoot!

But in fact, all he did was visit with some Minutemen—that's what their wives call 'em, anyway—and just say "hello" to some guys from the BP:

It does not appear [that] Border Patrol agents accompanied Day anywhere. Rather, Day and a talk show host (one with Minnesota roots) were going to visit the fence that the United States government is building along that section of the border, when they came up a group of agents doing their job. Once his escort obtained permission in the field, Day spent 20 minutes talking to three agents.

Remember the Minutemen, about whom Spot once said (rather memorably, if he does say so himself):

[J]ust a bunch of fat guys sitting in camo lawn chairs, wearing dark green clothes, and cleaning rifles while talking about black helicopters.

I thought that was Posse Comitatus, Spot.

Whatever. They look pretty much the same. Anyway, if you follow the above links, you will see how A Bluestem Prairie teased the truth out of Big Dick's braggadocio in a way that the Strib could not, or failed to, anyway. But Spot has another point.

Aw, for crying out loud, Spotty; it's Saturday night! Give us a break!

This will only take a moment. In today's Strib, Brian Melendez, the DFL chair, had a piece about the Republican wailing about Mark Ritchie. He summarizes it thusly:

What Ritchie did was extremely common: His campaign accessed public data from the secretary of state's office, which is both legal and appropriate. Not even the Republicans have suggested that any law or rule was broken. The Republican Party and its candidates, from the governor on down, obtain voter data from the secretary of state's office. It would be against the law for the secretary of state to withhold public data from a campaign that requests it -- even his own.

And when Ritchie misspoke about how his campaign accessed the data, he promptly and voluntarily corrected the record, and accepted responsibility for his mistake. The matter should have ended there.

Of course, thanks to the Republican yird-swine, it didn't.

Spot invites you to compare and contrast these two situations, boys and girls. For Spot's money, the hot air winner is easily Big Dick.

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