Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mighty Meeks is on the way!

Here this and tremble with fear progressives! Annette Meeks, loyal vassal to Sir Newton of Gingrich, is starting a new organization. That's what Katie tell us this morning. Spot is sure that pulses raced and urgent telephone calls were exchanged among the DFL leadership, from Brian Melendez on down, when Katie preached the conservative Good News this morning:

The conservative movement in Minnesota is on life support -- or so the common wisdom goes. Lots of folks predict that the 2008 elections will pull the plug.

So why is conservative activist Annette Meeks brimming with optimism? She is launching a new organization, the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota, to lead the movement's charge into the future -- and she believes that the future is bright.

Is Meeks whistling in the dark? After all, liberals dominate the Minnesota Legislature and the state's constitutional offices, while our center-right governor held on by his fingernails in the 2006 elections.

"I'll bet there are more Minnesotans who call themselves conservative, libertarian or free market today than in 1980, when Ronald Reagan was elected president," Meeks responded. "But people are dispirited because they conflate election cycles with the health of the conservative movement, and they get their news from the Chinese water torture -- the steady drip, drip -- of the liberal media. The conservative movement transcends that. It's a vision of personal responsibility, economic freedom and limited government."

Yes, yes, Eric Black has been waterboarding conservatives for years!

And Annette, Spot says where there's life, there's hope! Sometimes delusional, false hope, but hope nevertheless. Whatever gets you though the day. Spot is really glad you're forming your own support group.

And support, financial support that is, is the goal of the exercise. You see, Annette lost her gig as president of the Center of the American Experiment last February when she was replaced by the former Dead Center, Mitch Pearlstein:

That's when [February 20th of this year] the center's board of directors voted to oust Annette Meeks, a longtime Republican Party activist (and former Newt Gingrich aide) who had served as the organization's CEO and president for the past 20 months. Viewed in isolation, the incident--though unexpected--wouldn't merit much notice. Then Mitch Pearlstein, who had been "kicked upstairs" and given the title of president emeritus when Meeks was moved into the center's top spot, was tapped as her replacement.

Spot thinks that Annette's formation of the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota is just further evidence of the ideological splintering at the CAE. Now the CAE and the FFM will sit, cheek by jowl, glaring at each other, like two Baptist churches across the intersection from each other in the South, splintered over a theological spat that nobody can quite remember. Every movement, political, theological, or whatever, based on a belief that the movement is the sole possessor of the Truth, will eventually splinter.

Apparently, the demand for strident movement conservatives to run think tanks is not unlimited! Annette is to be commended for her entrepreneurial spirit. Rather than actually going to work, she is trying to create her own rice bowl. Perhaps she can hire Katie after the next round of cuts at the Strib.

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