Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Way to go, Scotty!

Donning the breastplate of vicarious victimhood, Scotty Johnson of Power Line fame or in-fame, take you pick, mounts a vigorous defense of Rachel Paulose, formerly of Minnesota, in the National Review last Friday:

If my friend Rachel Paulose were a liberal Democrat, she would be a celebrity. Serving as the United States attorney for Minnesota, she is the first woman, the first immigrant (Indian), the first Asian, and, at age 34, the youngest attorney ever to hold the position. A graduate of Yale Law School, she has compiled an impressive academic record and stellar professional credentials. She’s not a liberal Democrat, however, she is a conservative Republican, and she has been the subject of an old-fashioned, low-tech media lynching.

Yeah, Scotty, she's got great credentials. Sometimes the horse looks great on paper, but can't run in the mud, or in the heat. Or at all. But here's part of Scotty's testimonial about Rachel:

The Times recites that Paulose is also charged with having “used a racial epithet in reference to another employee.” I’ve known Rachel for ten years. For those of us who know her, the allegation is absurd on its face. Among other things, Rachel is herself an Indian-American immigrant sensitive to racial slights. I’ve never heard Rachel utter a swear word or cast a racial aspersion. In her first on the record statement regarding this charge, Paulose states: “I NEVER made any such statement. I have told the department so, and the department is defending me against this outrageous and defamatory lie.”

Paulose adds: “The McCarthyite hysteria that permits the anonymous smearing of any public servant who is now, or ever may have been, a member of the Federalist Society; a person of faith; and/or a conservative (especially a young, conservative woman of color) is truly a disservice to our country.”

Aw, Rachel, cry Spot a river. Here's what one commenter said in a Think Progress post about Rachel's departure:

Paulose has classic conservative victimhood syndrome. Paulose, was not “attacked” because she has “faith”, because she is a conservative, or because she is a woman or a person of color. She was criticized for being a political crony who put the political needs of her benefactors above the needs of the department she ran and the citizens whom she served.

I think it is highly amusing that she plays both the race and sex cards. If this petty parting shot, accusing her critics of being racist and sexist, not to mention McCarthyist, is indicative of how she responded to criticism and challenges in the conduct of her job, then I am very glad she no longer serves this country.

Although Rachel will land in the Justice Department in a job where she apparently won't have to talk to anybody except for the prayer meetings with Monica Goodling.

Spotty, Monica is gone.

Oh, that's right!

The best part about Scotty's chivalry in defending poor Rachel and giving her an outlet without the fear of having to handle pointed questions is that it apparently backfired. This from the Washington Post this morning:

The brief interview provoked some of Paulose's staff, according to her predecessor as Minnesota U.S. attorney, Thomas W. Heffelfinger. He said in an interview last night that "at least one and as many as three of her current staff managers either had resigned or were threatening to resign today."

It became apparent that the time for getting rid of Paulose was really short, and the easiest thing to do was call her back to the mother ship.

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