Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Vote early, vote often

Well the first part anyway. There are a variety of races for school board, city council, mayor, etc. around the state. All guaranteed to be low-turnout affairs.

Many school districts have a bond referendum, or a levy referendum, or both. Edina has a levy referendum that, in Spot's opinion, deserves your support. It's easy to make fun of Edina: Every Day I Need Attention, Cake: the Breakfast of Champions, and even Spot does it when he calls Edina "Cakeville." But one thing that Spot has always been proud of is the way Edina supports education. In the twenty seven years he has lived in Edina, Spot cannot recall a school referendum that has ever failed, or even been all that darn close, including a very large bond referendum that passed a couple of years ago.

Spot cannot recall the statistics, but it is a definite minority of households that have kids in school in Edina.

Everybody get out there and support you schools.

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