Thursday, November 08, 2007

Oh Katie

As Spotty has already mentioned, Katherine Kersten is all hot and bothered over a selection on the freshman reading list at the very open minded campus of St. Thomas.

You can delve into the details of her column on your own free time, but I just wanted to stop by to mention that it's times like these that one really has to wonder if a nagging moralist like Ms. Kersten has ever actually read the Bible.

If she had more than a passing fancy with St. Thomas' most popular piece of literature she would be shocked to know that young Tommies are given a book that gleefully details the brutalization of POWs, incest and family violence, human sacrifice, raping and murdering hookers, and the atonement of sin via execution (among many other equally horrifying stories).

If Katie truly wants to bemoan the teaching of demeaning views of women, I can give her the chapter and verse of where to start her journey.

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