Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Rachel's pity party

Katie's column yesterday was about Rachel's Raw Deal. Spot wrote about it in Flogging a dead horse. The column produced outpourings of grief from the expected places, but Avidor wrote about one that deserves more attention. It's by Drew Emmer at Wright County Republican:

This morning Katherine Kersten wrote a brilliant piece about how U.S. Attorney Rachel Paulose was run out of town on a rail. As is typical of the leftist press they didn't bother to vet the facts and play the role we used to expect from the media. Had teh [sic] media done its [sic] job the hardest working US Attorney we've had in decades might still be showing up for work in Minnesota.

Paulose was hot on the trail of uncovering a significant corruption issue in Minnesota. Amazing how expendable the U.S. Attorney becomes when there is big money on the line.

Boy, Spotty, it sounds like they got rid of Paulose just in the nick of time!

Well according to Drew, but Drew exposes a laughable ignorance of the Paulose fiasco from coronation to humiliation.

But what to make of his statement that "Paulose was hot on the trail of uncovering a significant corruption issue?" Our boy Draw obviously has no first hand information about ongoing investigations at the US Attorney's office, so a couple of alternatives present themselves.

First, and frankly the more likely, Drew is just full of so much doo doo. He was so carried away by the drama of Katie's prose that he made the statement up "out of whole cloth" as lawyers like to say.

Second, Drew has a source of this information. If so, it is, directly or indirectly either someone in the U.S. Attorney's office or perhaps a grand juror. In either case, such a leak would be a serious matter, worthy of investigation by federal authorities. Spot will remind Drew that there isn't even a federal journalist source shield law, just some guidelines at the Justice Department. When the alleged leaker is one of its own, Spot doubts that the guidelines would be much of an impediment to an investigation.

Spot calls on Drew Emmer to say whether it is alternative one or alternative two that is true.

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