Friday, January 04, 2008

The Spotty™: Visual Arts Division

The first Spotty™ of 2008 introduces a new category: visual arts. The Spotty™ goes to Spot's friend and DL drinking buddy (she doesn't drink much, but never mind) Tild. The graphic is contained in Tild's post Katie Kersten: More Than A Seasonal Creep. Indeed! This one is especially pleasing to Spot, because Tild is also the designer and artist of the handsome Spotty™ award medallion that appears on his posts that announce a new Spotty™ award winner. Like this one:

Tild's muse for the graphic she created was Katie's column about the University of Minnesota's uncertain navigation of the issue of Christmas or holiday parties at this public university, and Spot's imagining of a conversation about that column that Katie had with boss Doug Tick Tice. (God, that was Freudian.) Spot is too modest (yeah, right Spotty) to reprint all the nice things Tild said about Spot's post, but here's just a bit:

I’ve been thinking that Katie was much too modest about her little “seasonal creep” bon mot.  As Spot has so ably pointed out in 2007, creepiness of Kersten’s caliber transcends the limits of a single season.  In actuality,  Katherine Kersten is….

That paragraph introduces the winning graphic:

Now, it took Spot a little while to get used to the notion of sharing cherub duties with Swiftee, but on reflection, it does have sort of a yin and yang feeling to it that Spot likes. It's a wonderful HOLIDAY treat for Spot.

Spot does have a word of warning for you, boys and girls. When you go over to Tild's post, linked above, if you click on the winning graphic, it will send you back here to the Cucking Stool. You risk being caught in an electronic whirlpool from which you may never, ever emerge! Be careful!

Remember, boys and girls, a Spotty™ is awarded to the author of an op-ed piece, a letter to the editor, a blog post or comment, and now a graphic, that Spot wishes that he had authored himself.

Update: Tild now takes her place in the pantheon of Spot's blogroll, too.

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